High End Systems releases Hog 4 OS V3.9.0

High End Systems releases Hog 4 OS V3.9.0High End Systems has released Hog 4 OS v3.9.0, the latest software update for the Hog 4 lighting console family. This update offers significant new features and enhancements, including a Linux Upgrade, Master Control Sets, a New Fixture Builder and External Monitor Orientation and Position Options.

An all-new and comprehensive fixture builder with basic and advanced views and support for exporting user created fixture types is included in Hog 4 OS, and can be accessed by pressing the fixture builder button at the top of the fixture window.

Hog 4 OS v3.9.0 is built with an updated Linux distribution and kernel. For console operators this means faster console boot speeds, a new cross-platform tool (Etcher) for creating Full Install USB Flash Drives, greater external touchscreen and USB midi device compatibility, and various performance improvements.

Lists, Scenes, and Batches assigned to physical masters can now be switched between five different master control sets, giving programmers the ability to quickly switch all the button and fader assignments for a single master, as well as the ability to assign a list or scene to multiple physical masters and assign a unique control set to each one.

New options for external monitor orientation and external monitor position have been added under the display tab of the control panel.


  • Fixture Library v4.17.361 is installed with Hog 4 OS v3.9.0. A complete list of fixtures included in this library can be found on the High End website.
  • The fixture scheduler now displays a channel count for each fixture.
  • The DBO key can now be disabled under the “misc” tab of the user preferences panel.
  • The file browser now protects the currently loaded show file from being deleted or renamed while loaded.
  • A new "flash intensity at” option has been added to the flash keys.
  • The physical masters on the console are now numbered 1 < 90 (used to be playback bars of 10). This allows for easier identification for comment macro writing and wing association.
  • The pause key LED for a master will now quickly flash when the master is releasing.
  • The pause key LED now turns solid red for halted masters that are controlling intensity parameters. In previous software releases the pause LED would only come on for halted masters controlling non-intensity parameters.
  • Selected masters (in addition to the chosen master) now respond to the main playback controls.