TMB ProPlex Grand Slam Cable Rolling Tournament

2017 was good… 2018 was epic!

The 2nd annual TMB Proplex Gland Slam Cable Sports Tournament is over, and already people are calling for a National Title to be held! Who would've thought you'd all be so competitive over cable rolling!

A stand out feature of the Entech Roadshow, the best of the best once again came together for this event! Contestants got the chance to show their superior cable rolling skills using TMB’s rock’n’roll-tough Proplex DMX Data Cable during happy hour every day of the show!

First prize in each city was the ProTester, TMB’s compact DMX signal and cable diagnostic tool! This handy little tool tests your DMX cables and displays the presence and polarity of DMX data, in isolation or while in use. Special prizes were for runner-up and last place too!

30+ years of proven, reliable quality for the industry’s leading companies. ProPlex data cables feature the highest quality verified electronic specifications.

TMB was first to design and build custom, proprietary cables, connectors and assemblies for the entertainment production and staging markets.

  • FIRST road-worthy, dependable, verified DMX cables
  • FIRST 12/14 six-circuit “Soca” cables
  • FIRST bussed grounds in six-circuit cables
  • FIRST machined aluminum, Neoprene-insert, Listed six-circuit connectors
  • FIRST and ONLY power cable assemblies, including six-circuit cables, Listed under NEC 520 and 530
  • FIRST and ONLY rugged RJ45 backshells
  • FIRST road-worthy, dependable, verified Ethernet cables
  • FIRST steel-armored fibre optic cables and breakouts