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Real-time digital display and media management solutions

The AViary Video Tools range takes Green Hippo’s wealth of experience and applies it to developing a range of devices that bring a unique, high-grade and ultra-flexible way of working to the world of Professional AV and installation.

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AViary Video Tools is a fresh approach to the challenges of displaying video in a host of environments and applications from corporate AV to installation. A complimentary set of products, all aimed at enabling users to playback, manipulate and display media in ways not encountered before and all in broadcast quality, high-resolution formats where needed.

All the expected features such as playlists, simple media upload and remote triggering are present. Yet common to all products in the AViary range is the ability to manipulate and adapt media in-situ.

AViary Video Tools
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4K+ / 12 Megapixels

Content up to 12 MegaPixels can be mapped onto multiple HD streams and routed to almost any display configuration. 

External Control

Real-time video players and processors are rarely used in isolation so integration with external control systems is key.

FlexRes Codecs

AViary Video Tools products store their local content in one of four Codec variants to ensure smooth and accurate playback.

Input/ Graphics Overlay

All units support a choice of input cards that allows live video and graphics to be fed into the system.


Host interactive and generative bespoke software that can simply be loaded as yet another video source.

Networking and Remote Control Application

AViary products all support a remote control interface that can be deployed onto any Win7/8 PC, laptop or tablet.

Output Manager

Our output management system offers complete flexibility in system configuration.

Real-time playback and image processing

Aviary’s powerful onboard real-time processing engine allows users to instantly select media and change many parameters in real-time.

Media Management

Each unit includes an integrated media management system. adding media is easy and fast.


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