Hippotizer Amba+

Hippotizer Amba+

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A compact and powerful 1U media server.

With the capacity for an internal capture card and a removable drive; the Hippotizer Amba+ outperforms many larger systems. With a single unlimited resolution output on either DP or DVI, the Hippotizer Amba+ can be used with splitters or on greater than HD projects.

  • FlexRes Codec - Three codecs are available in MediaManager’s Encoding settings to ensure that your media is played instantly, smoothly and accurately.
  • HippoNet - Control multiple units from a single ZooKeeper with HippoNet
  • PixelMapper - A feature rich tool capable of mapping many thousand light points easily and effectively.
  • Real-time Playback - Hippotizer™ V4 offers real-time control of any attribute.
  • SHAPE 3D Mapping - complete 3D projection mapping tool set
  • Output Mapping - Hippotizer’s output management system offers complete flexibility in system configuration
  • Visualiser - Hippotizer™ V4’s multipurpose pre-visualisation tool built right into the Zookeeper software.
  • Media Management - Each unit includes an integrated media management system, adding media is easy and fast
  • 1x Unlimited Resolution Output on DisplayPort (Supports splitters)
  • 1x Optional internal Capture Card
  • Includes 10 Free Notch FX's exclusive to Hippotizer+
  • 1x Removable drive bay as part of the STRATA Caddy system
Amba+ (DP or DVI)
Outputs 1x DP 1.2 or 1x DVI
Max Resolution: DVI 3840 x 1200
Supports splitters Yes
Genlock No
EDID Emulation No
HD Outs (with splitter) 4
ZooKeeper outs 1x DVI
Mixes 4
Layers per mix 16
Notch 10 Free FX
Uncompressed playback*** No
Capture Cards 1
10GB Network Option
SMPTE in (LTC) Option
Size RU 1U
Size (L x W x H mm) 420 x 425 x 45
Size (with rack ears) 500 x 480 x 45
Unit weight 8kgs
Power Input IEC
Voltage 100-250V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 300VA
Front and rear ends included Yes
Rack drawer compatible Yes
System and Hardware
Media Drive Size 500GB
Media Drive speed 500 MB/s
CPU Intel i3
Operating system Windows 10 Enterprise
# Threads (cores) 4(2)
Core speed 4GHz
Type Dual Channel
Audio in Stereo 1/8″
Autio out Stereo 1/8″
System Drive 500GB SSD
Back-Up Factory image Yes
Rental Restore image Yes
User Restore image Yes
Hippotizer license Hardware Dongle
Hippotizer software assurance 3 Years**

**For more information on Hardware replacement and Software Assurance, please visit www.green-hippo.com/hippotizer-media-servers/hardware-replacement-software-assurance/

***Lower compression codecs such as Uncompressed or FlexRes Lossless require large, fast media drives. The drives used in this system are not suitable for uncompressed playback.