SolaFrame Theatre
SolaFrame Theatre
SolaFrame Theatre

SolaFrame Theatre

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SolaFrame Theatre is the industry’s first automated LED luminaire to deliver completely silent operation. Engineered with no fans, SolaFrame Theatre features a full effects package including framing shutters, high CRI, gorgeous colours, and impeccable dimming. SolaFrame Theatre is a natural fit for designers that work in theatres and other venues where fixture noise is simply not acceptable.

Poised to (quietly) change the world, SolaFrame Theatre features modular construction, extremely low power usage and other innovations such as High End Systems’ patented Lens Defog system, making it the most versatile LED automated spot luminaire available.

  • Bright White LED engine

  • 440W High CRI engine produces 15,000 field lumens

  • Fanless, silent operation

  • 540° x 265° movement

  • CMY / CTO- linear colour-mixing system

  • 7-position replaceable Color Wheel

  • Framing system for total control of beam shape

  • Iris, Light Frost, Linear Four-facet Prism and 7°-42° Zoom

  • 8-position plus open interchangeable Gobo Wheel

  • 7-position plus open Rotating Gobo Wheel

  • Continuously Variable Animation Wheel