Spectra Wow++
Spectra Wow++
Spectra Wow++

Spectra Wow++

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New generation of LDDE LED fixtures in small form factor!

Ø 130mm, length 155mm / Ø 5,12", length 6,1"

For professional use with a convertible optical system in the performance class up to 5.000 Lumen

Many professionals of the lighting business were on standby for this: A compact LED fixture on which reflector and diffuser can be replaced as required and which needs only one cable for running as well as control. The instrument is equipped with the well-proved LDDE electronic for perfectly smooth and step-less dimming and it works absolute noiseless through a passive cooling system.

We can offer three different types of SpectraWOW++
    - with a one-colour LED engine of 2700/3000/3500/4000/5000 K
    - with a two-colour LED engine for a tuneable white
    - with a four-colour LED engine in R/G/B/W

2 types of diffusers and 3 types of reflectors are available: clear / Glacier91 and 18° / 28° / 40°

As an extra accessory, we offer barn doors for shaping the beam effectively. There is no need to have two cables for power and DMX because only a 4-pin XLR cable to a standard PSU is required. This can shorten the time for technical setup and lowers sources of error. On instrument's back is also a female 4-pin XLR connector to daisy-chain other LDDE fixtures.

The Spectra WOW++ works best on middle-sized and small stages, as well as in concert halls, event venues, churches and shops