Formed in 2000, Green Hippo has grown from a specialist manufacturer of bespoke solutions to one of the leading players in the ever growing field of scenic video.


The company’s award winning Hippotizer™ range is now in its fourth generation and can be found providing real-time video playback for television sets including Eurovision, The Academy Awards, the Super Bowl halftime shows.


Theatre spectaculars such as Love Never Dies in the West End and American Idiot on Broadway utilise the system due to its flexibility during production periods and concert tours for artists such as Beyonce, Jay Z, and Madonna have proven its reliability out on the road.


Hippotizer brings a new approach to real time video production in a 3D world. With state-of-the-art purpose-built hardware, Hippotizer V4 boasts industry leading performance and features with a tour-proof package. Hippotizer™ V4 includes SHAPE; a 3D projection toolset, a unique solution that is both quick to setup and easy to control yet still at home on the most complex 3D projects.


Thanks to the FlexRes suite of codecs, Hippotizer V4 plays 4K or larger clips in Lossless quality. Hippotizer supports both programmed Timelines with Presets and instant real-time changes with DMX, MIDI and OSC.


ZooKeeper, Hippotizer’s free network based control application, allows you to manage all controls on any Hippotizer on your network. Programme and run shows directly from the ZooKeeper interface remotely. Aids such as Presets, Timelines and a fully customisable user interface make controlling a Hippotizer™ with a keyboard and mouse, fast and easy.

Introducing Montane+


It’s a smooth experience, too, with Hippotizer V4’s pin system letting you control content from the lighting desk, or other controller. Simply export and playback directly within Hippotizer – easy.


Montane+ features two DP 1.2 outputs, and offers the very latest graphics card technology, enabling over 25,000 Notchmarks. Even the most demanding of 3D and generative projects are handled with ease and control. The media server also comes with 10 free Notch FX as standard, plus a playback license.


Download the Spec Sheet Here

Green Hippo reveals Hippotizer +, comprising of the Montane +, Taiga +, Boreal +, Karst + and Amba +.

Building on already incredibly powerful and talented machines, Hippotizer + range brings many user benefits, including the below standout features:


  • Larger media drives. This is great news for the storage and more accurately the increasing demands of storage. The Boreal +, Karst +, and Taiga + all enjoy up to double the space on their standard versions.
  • New back-up and restore system. Time is money – especially in the rental business – and the new machines let you create user and password-protected rental back-up image enabling a faster turnaround between gigs.
  • Same brilliant performance. The Hippotizer + range also runs Hippotizer V4 software, ensuring perfect interoperability between the two, and enabling new features for years to come.

Taiga + redefines all that is possible from a single media server.


Featuring 6 unlimited DVI or DP outputs, the Taiga + is capable of driving multiple 4K displays at full frame rate.


Download Spec Sheet Here

The new standard for touring media servers.


With four DVI-DL , DP or HD-SDI outputs, Hippotizer Boreal+ is designed for the rigours of life on the road.


Download Spec Sheet Here

A compact and powerful 1U media server.


With the capacity for an internal capture card and a removable drive; the Hippotizer Amba+ outperforms many larger systems.


Download Spec Sheet Here

Unparalleled power and flexibility built into a custom, tour-ready case.


A host of customisable output and capture options ensure that the Hippotizer Karst can fit into a multitude of different roles.


Download Spec Sheet Here

Prepare for PREP...   Green Hippo announces Hippotizer PREP, its potent new pre-programming tool.

Green Hippo also proudly announces Hippotizer Version 4.3, which will be available for general release shortly.

Pre-program from the comfort of your own PC or laptop. Encode media or program a show with the full host of Hippotizer components.


Hippotizer PREP is the complete pre-programming tool, enabling you to encode, pre-program, and visualise with the award winning media server software.


With unlimited watermarked outputs, Hippotizer PREP allows you to pre-program projects of any size to plug and play into your Hippotizer+ hardware for high performance playback.


 Unlimited mixes - Be completely flexible. Hippotizer PREP has unlimited mixes, which can all be assigned to one or more outputs.

 Pre-program - From the comfort of your own PC or laptop. Encode media or program a show with the full host of Hippotizer components.

 Includes 10 Free Notch FX - Create interactive and generative content and live video effects in a powerful, easy and stable workflow. Export and playback directly in Hippotizer.

Hippotizer Version 4.3, which will be available for general release soon will be running on both Hippotizer and Hippotizer + hardware.


Hippotizer V4.3 brings many new features to Hippotizer and SHAPE. In addition to vigorous bug squashing, benefits of Hippotizer V4.3 will include:


  • NDI (video over Ethernet) send and receive
  • Smart improvements to ZooKeeper include a new ‘tabbed selector’ and drag-and-drop pin board creation and editing
  • ‘Notes and Tags’ – tag media with key words such as ‘Blue’ or ‘Strobe’ and then search for it by those tags in the media select
  • Enhanced UI for SHAPE, with grouping of objects, Nulls, parenting and bulk editing
  • Controllers in SHAPE let you move objects in real time, in 3D
  • GPU Selection enables even better PLAY and PREP performance in SHAPE




Green Hippo is excited to collaborate with Notch to deliver cutting edge real-time motion graphics, compositing and video effects inside Hippotizer V4.


But what exactly is Notch, and how does it work?


With Notch you can create Mind-blowing Motion Graphics, VFX and VR with a Real-time WYSIWYG Workflow. It's the first tool that enables you to create interactive and video content in one unified real-time environment.


Designed from the creative process up, and supercharged by powerful real-time rendering and visualisation, it helps creators rediscover the joy of problem solving, experimenting and improvising on the fly.


Notch enables you to create, simulate, render, composite, edit, and play: always in real-time, always working on the full and final result. Create interactive and generative content and live video effects in a powerful, easy and stable workflow.


And best of all, you can export and playback directly in Hippotizer™ V4 and use Hippotizer’s pin system to control your content from a lighting desk or other controller.


Use all of Notch’s compositing and visual effects capabilities on live video sources creating compelling new performance experiences for the audience. Or, use Notch’s visual effects engine to create effects around tracked moving performers on stage, from wispy smoke to rivers of water.


Want to know more... contact us for a demo!

Hippo Notch LDi from Notch on Vimeo.